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"The only home
that a man should ever need
is within his heart…"
M!A: none.
Relationship: N/A
Tracks: allthestrikes

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Nevermind. Apparently the Tumblr app crashes on my phone when I try to look into any tags, plus my muses feel out of place as well.
Ah well. I will be online Monday or Tuesday. See you guys then!

Any Senpai’s? :About the mun


❤ - Any tumblr senpais? From jupitersclusterfuck


//Actually, I have quite a few senpai’s. Since I have Role-players account in several fandoms, I’ve managed to start looking up to a lot of Role-players. From my Lavi blog, I respect a few RPer’s I can think of right off the top of my head. Such as: all-the-strikes, hakka-tourou, allen-desu, bunnybookman49 and soulmunchingexorcist.

As for Pandora Hearts, from my Elliot blog, I have a few senpai’s from there too. sentimental-raven, hisabsolute, impertinenthatter, (not PH but a partner)lonely-nase, lacie-reincarnate, amethistus-lepus, i-reject-you, and whenadasmiles.

Last but not least, the Kagerou fandom. I have a couple of people I can think of. living-a-life-of-deception, kidopilydope, mamakidotsubomi, notsoscarymarry and notsofearlessleader.


That’s about all! Thank you for the ask *laughs*


╠▎▏「 (      ;

"Thanks for the cookies today," Lavi slinked up behind the blonde and daringly wrapped his arms around her small, feminine waist. This woman was still a wonder to him, alluring him in with her yin-and-yang story and personality.

*Gives Lavi a Death Note* What you gonna do with it?

╠▎▏「 (      ;
*lets it fall to the ground and steps back 50 quick paces*

"Nothin’! You can keep it, really!"



A small dark brow rose when he spoke, noticing the rush behind his words. “Does speaking about such things make you nervous?” She asked, her head tilting a bit as her eyes met his only visible one. She hadn’t been surprised that there was nothing on them, but she was when it came to his reaction. Most would just laugh off such a question assuming that things like that didn’t exist.

╠▎▏「 (火) 」      ;

“‘Course not,” he straightened his posture, an attempt at seeming more courageous. “Those kinda things don’t exist.”

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