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"The only home
that a man should ever need
is within his heart…"
M!A: none.
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// I see that you haven't posted anything in two weeks and I really hope you come back because I haven't found many other Lavis that ship LaviLena and I really want one like omg. so just, uh, hi? and I hope you see this and find your muse again ;n; *sends love*


{ lenalee-lee-loves-lavi }
{//||— Thank you so much for sending this, hon.
I’ve not lost my Lavi muse, and I seriously doubt I ever will. There are muses I’ve had from two + years ago that are still strong, I just don’t write for them anymore.

But I could never quit Lavi. ((: 

{||— Online —||}

{//||— Sorry for my absence! 
I will be moving and all my stuff will be getting shipped from AK to FL starting this Thursday. Expect me to be gone for a while after that until I can get internet back up— shouldn’t take more than a few weeks or so. 

Until Wednesday, I will be online as much as I can.
Hope you all have been well.

Any Senpai’s? :About the mun


❤ - Any tumblr senpais? From jupitersclusterfuck


//Actually, I have quite a few senpai’s. Since I have Role-players account in several fandoms, I’ve managed to start looking up to a lot of Role-players. From my Lavi blog, I respect a few RPer’s I can think of right off the top of my head. Such as: all-the-strikes, hakka-tourou, allen-desu, bunnybookman49 and soulmunchingexorcist.

As for Pandora Hearts, from my Elliot blog, I have a few senpai’s from there too. sentimental-raven, hisabsolute, impertinenthatter, (not PH but a partner)lonely-nase, lacie-reincarnate, amethistus-lepus, i-reject-you, and whenadasmiles.

Last but not least, the Kagerou fandom. I have a couple of people I can think of. living-a-life-of-deception, kidopilydope, mamakidotsubomi, notsoscarymarry and notsofearlessleader.


That’s about all! Thank you for the ask *laughs*

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