ᒥdon't rely on the visionᒧ
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"The only home
that a man should ever need
is within his heart…"
M!A: none.
Relationship: N/A
Tracks: allthestrikes

image: abyss-break

Whether tis nobler in the mind to fo-sizzle, the slings and arrows of outrageous sizzling, or to take arms against a sea of barbequers, and by opposing sizzle them?

I am far too ineptizzle fo-rizzle to recall the dope ass shit that is Shakespeare.
Because I lamely have memorizedbbits and pieces to impress people I’m into XD

I hope you have a wonderful time wherever you are going! I'm still trying to wake up so it's a bit difficult coming up with something fun to share..(need my coffee! ) I've read once that spiders make chastity belts for their lady spiders.

Best fact of the day so far!
I love coffee! Just had my last cup in AK at the bookstore. Ahhh, no more junk food.

I think I know who this is…. hmmm♡

Let's play poker, guess what card I am holding on?

((Lavi wants to take over XD Queen of hearts? (;))

"I dunno," Lavi scratched at his bandana," I’m kinda avoiding poker since I’ve seen Allen play…"

You're an amazing guy and a great roleplayer. If anyone deserves to be happy in life, it's you, and I hope and pray you find what you need and want.

This was incredibly sweet and attacks me in the best ways in my more ‘emotional’ state. I’d be nothing on here, however, without the amazingly wonderful and sweet people I’ve interacted with on here through the years.

I’m very outgoing, but also incredibly shy and closed off at times— so I wind up admiring so many of YOU from afar.

I hope the best for you as well in life. Thank you for being so sweet anon♡

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