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"The only home
that a man should ever need
is within his heart…"
M!A: none.
Tracks: allthestrikes
Relationship: N/A

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Swwwweeeeet I can't wait!

Omfg— your comment on my hair! XD

I’m so tall that it made me laugh that you said I reminded you of FMA’s Edward omfg

{||—Update on my absence—||}

PLEASE do not read if you are upset about the topic of death/suicide. I really would not want to disturb anyone, so please do not read under the cut if it will upset you. There have just been a lot of accidents in the area lately— some people I knew and some I didn’t, but it’s been a very difficult month.

I assure you I’m physically fine, but emotionally it’s been a big whammy for me— so I’m mainly focusing on the people I need to be with, drawing, and reading.

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{//||— This blog is a bit dead, so I’m going to head over here
Please feel free to request a rp or send asks to me on that account. ((:

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